The Goal

So What's This All About?Being in college isn’t easy. Heck, getting to college was hard enough, but now you have to juggle challenging classes, studying, financial obligations, friends, and every other unique college experience that makes this time both unbelievably exciting and unbelievably scary all at the same time.

We Know The Feeling.

The idea behind Student Payouts was to share with students proven ways to make and/or save money in college. If it relates to making money or saving money – we have a team of experts who are here to share ideas on practical things YOU can do in college to deal with all the money matters in your life. We won’t just tell you to “Save money,” or “Go get a job.” We plan to do much, much more.

So who comprises this team? Primarily college students just like you. Day in day out we’re testing online services like paid surveys, researching the latest tip, trick, or strategy that will supposedly help you “make money in college,” and coming up with creative ways to help you deal all financial matters (scholarships, grants, paying for college, jobs, etc). Basically if it relates to money and college, we’re going to talk about it.

We hope to be a destination you look forward to returning to and one that in some way, shape, or form, helps you balance the fun you should be having in college with practical ways to deal with money.

We’d love to hear from you, so please post a comment on the blog or send us an email via our contact form. Our goal is to change the way you think about money and college, so you can spend your time wisely and on your own terms.

Here’s To Thinking Outside The Job
The StudentPayouts Team