Make & Save Money This Summer – 2 Ways

Make & Save Money This Summer – 2 Ways

It’s the summer time and everyone is partying, shopping, vacationing, and just plain having fun. Fun’s important, but did you also know you can make a good bit of money doing things outside the typical summer job? You can, and we’ve got two ideas for you below…

It’s Moving Time

This time of year is when people decide to move to a new location. People almost always decide to move when it’s hot outside so that they aren’t freezing to death and still trying to carry boxes. Because of this simple fact, it is the perfect time of year to do one of two things:

Rocking Chair1) Get Nice Furniture For College On The Cheap (little secret)

“Moving” season can benefit you financially because this is one of the best times of year to find inexpensive furniture! Tables, chairs, couches, bedframes, and stools: just about anything you need for your apartment can be bought for cheap during this time of year. If your not getting in on any of these bargains then your going to waste alot of money come next school year – money that you could be putting towards school books and supplies.

So where are the bargains, you might ask? You can literally find them almost anywhere! A good portion of the time, if your looking for cheap furniture, the newspaper is the perfect place to start (check out 50 States for a detailed list of newspapers in or around your area).  People that want to get rid of all of their stuff before they move look to the newspaper for advertising. Taking that thought a step further, people also list yard and garage sales in the paper as well. Sure you can find a yard sale or two to attend during the summer break, but there’s a little secret that most people fail to realize about yard sales (and one you can benefit from as a student looking for the best possible deal).

Tip: People start by trying to list a yard sale, but sure enough there are always items left over. Not wanting to take back any of the “stuff” that didn’t sell, many times people will actually just give it away to those willing to take it. And don’t assume the quality isn’t good just because no one purchased it. Perhaps the yard sale wasn’t well advertised, or maybe the weather wasn’t great that day (too hot, rainy, etc). Either way you stand to benefit by getting things like furniture, tvs, appliances, and more for next to nothing … or literally nothing.

So know you’re probably thinking “This is great and all, but the sofas will most likely not match my style, and the decorations, shelving, and furniture won’t go with the rest of my things, so this really won’t work for me, right?” WRONG. There’s a quick fix.

Sofa covers are cheap, and wood paint or lacquer is even cheaper! All you have to do is use some creativity and your apartment will be a comfy place to live in no time. So this summer, don’t waste money, save it. Get down to the nearest grocery store and get a copy of the newspaper so you can start hunting today. Come fall, you and your pocketbook will be grateful.

Pawnshop2) Make Money Selling “Stuff” To Pawnshops

Here’s what you do: you go to a yard sale using the method we described above and you see what they have. Sometimes people are selling tvs, radios, speakers, dvd players, and all other kinds of electronics (only buy electronics). Most of the time you buy them for little to nothing (or actually nothing if you use our little strategy above). Generally these people are just looking to unload the items in the quickest and cheapest way possible, and this is the best possible setup for you.

Next, you take what you purchased – or were given – and sell it to a local pawnshop, generally for a higher price. To find local pawnshops, you can check out free services like the Pawnshop Directory (it’s an old school looking site, but it’s been kept current). What about the stuff the pawnshops don’t want? Here’s two words: eBay & Craigslist. Most likely there is someone somewhere who wants exactly what you have. Those are two of the best places to start after the local pawnshops. Finally, there’s always word or mouth. Check with friends, and friends of friends through Facebook, email, chat, whatever. It’s really that simple, and the money can come relatively fast.

Using these two strategies this summer will make your fall a little easier (and cheaper). Remember: there’s always money to be made and saved when you think outside the job! Have a great summer!

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