Make Money In College Tutoring Online

Make Money In College Tutoring Online

Do you have a knack for Computer Science? What about a real passion for U.S. History? Maybe your expertise lies in another topic, but no matter the interest, there is a place where people need your help (and their willing to pay for it).

Making money in college is not always easy, but this one was so simple (and such a great idea), that we had to share it. Here’s how it works: is a marketplace where people/students can come and ask a question specific to a certain academic subject. It could be a math theory they just don’t get (and need to for the test tomorrow), or a complex computer science question, or something related to any number of about 50 subjects. They list the question, the price their willing to pay for the answer, and the time-frame in which they need it. If you know the answer, you can get paid.

Think of it like micro tutoring. You are helping students get answers to their questions, and they – in return – are paying you for your time. Even greater, it’s all done online. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Students Of Fortune (source:

Q: What Is This All About?

A: Student of Fortune is an online tutorial marketplace for those who need or can offer help on homework. Huh? Actually, it’s quite simple:

If you’re a student, just post a question you’re struggling with. We’ll send your question to all of the tutors on Student of Fortune, and those expert in the subject will write custom tutorials to teach you how to answer your difficult homework assignment (and others like it). Pick a tutorial that looks good, buy it, follow up with questions until your aha! moment, learn the material, and ace all of your classes!

If you’re expert on a subject, write great tutorials to earn lots of money, even thousands of dollars… all for helping students to learn!

One more thing – people can post both questions and tutorials. So, if you’re really good with calculus but lousy at geology, earn money helping students with calculus in order to get the geology help you need! We bet you never thought your calculus would be integral to deriving knowledge about rocks.


Q: I Can Earn Money For Tutoring?

A: Yes, of course. Let’s say you know everything there is to know about coconut farming. You’re an expert in coconut farming… it’s basically all you do all day. You login to Student of Fortune and look for questions other people have posted about coconut farming. And, wow, you see a question you know the answer to. Write up a custom tutorial that will teach the student everything they need to know in order to answer the question. (You’ve done a good job if they can answer other questions that are very similar.) If your students like the preview for your custom tutorial, they’ll buy it and you’ll earn the price paid for the tutorial minus our fees… that’s why its important to post good long tutorials instead of just giving people short answers. See? we told you it was simple.


Q: What’s The Best Type Of Tutorial To Provide?

A: More is always better. When we send the random 20% of your tutorial to the question-asker, we will also let them know how long the overal tutorials is. Remember that students are here to learn how to solve tough homework assignments, not to turn in your work as theirs. Always, always, provide more than a one-line answer to a question. Explain each step of how you got the answer you did. The better of a job you do teaching students how, the more likely students are to buy your tutorials and rate your work highly.


Q: Is This Cheating?

A: Let’s start out by asking a few more questions… Is using Wikipedia cheating? How about participating in a study group? Reading the textbook? What if a friend proofreads a paper for you? What if you search for something on Google?

The truth is, any resource, online or otherwise, can be used for both learning and cheating. All of these resources are different and have only one thing in common: you, the student. So, before you use Student of Fortune or any other resource, ask yourself:

  • Do I have my instructor’s permission to use this resource? For instance, you wouldn’t open your textbook during a closed-book exam, right?
  • Do I have an honest desire to learn, or am I just trying to get someone to do my homework for me?

We think that the University of Southern California’s Director of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, Raquel Torres-Retana, sums this all up nicely in a article from USC’sDaily Trojan about Student of Fortune:

If (students’) purpose was having someone else do their work, that would be viewed as a violation. But if people are using it as a tutor, then it’s a tutor. It’s the same online as it would be getting help at your neighbors apartment.

Student of Fortune is not endorsed by any univeristy or any university personnel

At the end of the day, we believe that most students don’t use Student of Fortune to cheat, and that we make a big difference in helping people learn. Here’s what some students have said about the tutoring they’ve received on Student of Fortune:

  • “Explanations were easy to understand and only wish that I had known this kind of help was available earlier.”
  • “Wonderful to work with and very helpful. More helpful than my own professor.”
  • “Great work! You gave great examples and explained everything. Thank you!!”
  • “Your detail goes far beyond what my Lewis & Loftin book offers. If you not a teacher you should be. Cheers!”

We invite members of the community and academia to comment and provide recommendations regarding our service and policies. In fact, we encourage you to send an email to the site’s founders. Of course, not everyone’s experience is the same and results may vary, but we believe most students have been highly satisfied with our service.

Not only is this a great way to put all that schooling you’ve gone through to good use, you can make a little extra money in the process.

And before you take, “little extra money,” to mean “no money,” take a second to look at how much the top tutor has made…As of September 2009, a little over $80,000!

Yah. I think It might be worth a second of your time to check out.

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